Alia's approach to hosting

November 8, 2023 at 7:45 AM |
Posted by: Katie Miller
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If you’ve experienced an in-person Alia event, you know we delight in treating our guests with great care. We find when there is focused work to be done, meeting your needs and eliminating distractions makes thinking innovatively easier as you bring your whole self to the challenge at hand. A constant source of refreshing drinks, daylight pouring in, your cellphone out of reach, and a beautiful notebook with your name on it just ready for your brilliant reflections are just some of the conditions we create for you to focus on work in front of you (rather than what’s going on back at the office or at home).

Green drinks, high-protein snacks, or a bite-size chocolate give you energy when needed; a trampoline is there if you need to get some energy out! Micro-moments which soothe your senses contribute to a productive work session. Warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh popped popcorn, a simple choreographed dance, or some hot, scented towels during break time signal your nervous system to relax.

Creating a comfortable, nurturing environment isn’t indulgent. Rather, being in a relaxed state where your physical needs are met with care allows ideas and energy to flow more freely. Take time to create the conditions for you and your team to function at their best.