helping systems keep kids
safely with their families

(not from their families)

A child’s need for an uninterrupted sense of love and belonging
is necessary for healthy development, however our current
foster care system was not built on this foundation.

It’s time to rebuild together.

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Who We Are

We're a Minnesota based national nonprofit "do-tank." Founded in research and family voice, we support innovative leaders and systems related to child welfare.

What we do

We redesign child welfare by equipping leaders in agencies with the support they need for systems change. We help communities ask the right questions and solve the right problems.

Why We Do It

Our current practices in child welfare do not yet align with what we know about the needs of children and families. We know we can do better.

Deep Dive into Year One Cohort Report

We recently released the UnSystem Innovation Cohort Year One Report. From Fall '18 - Fall '19, the Cohort agencies achieved an average reduction in the number of youth in care by 12%, and the number of youth in residential care decreased by an average of 37%.

Because there is so much more to share, we are hosting three live sessions to dig deeper into the report. Join us to learn more about the Cohort process and year one outcomes.

Our next live session will be on Tuesday, August 18th at 11am CT. You can watch the recording of the first live session here.


Download report and register for live sessions
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unsystem innovation cohort

Since March 2018, we have been convening a group of five jurisdictions with the goal of moving their systems toward UnSystems.

our project work

We partner with agencies across the U.S in short and long-term engagements to create sustainable, meaningful change.

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upcoming offerings

Join us at one of our virtual 2020 Summits, or register for one of our virtual trainings!