project work

Our project work focuses on partnering with early adopters and innovators in the field of child welfare to dramatically improve outcomes for youth and families, and to create meaningful, sustainable change. We guide and support courageous child welfare leaders on the forefront of systems change who are building a movement to preserve the family connections needed for lifelong success.

We developed a guide that outlines five phases for designing and implementing primary prevention in a system, Building Your UnSystem: The Phases of Change to Primary Prevention. These phases have been distilled through the existing literature on workforce resilience and systems change, and tap into Alia’s years of experience supporting child welfare agencies across the country who are operationalizing them in practice.

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phases names

ongoing project work with agencies consists of these services:

breakthrough strategy sessions

To provide inspiration about possibilities for systems change in child welfare and to inspire and clarify a shared vision of the future direction.

workforce resilience groups

Provides a deeper understanding of the parallel process of individual, collective, and organizational wellbeing and resilience.

wellbeing champions

Designed to build knowledge, understanding, and capacity to sustain on-going wellbeing efforts within the organization.

leadership coaching

One-on-one phone calls with leaders to focus on advancing a leader’s growth and development.

advanced case consultation

Occurs on request to support responses for youth for whom you feel “stuck.”

systems redesign support

Experts in change management will assist leaders in day-to-day implementation, as well as the development of long-range change strategies.


Brief TED talk-style workshops delivered via teleconference. Topics include all aspects of individual and organizational health and wellbeing.

additional resources

  • Workforce wellbeing strategy
  • Supervisor's guide to wellbeing strategy

We place significant value on our partnerships. If you are interested in working with us, or to learn more about how we could meet the needs of your agency, please reach out!