Building your UnSystem:

The phases of change to primary prevention

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Alia has the honor of supporting leaders in child welfare in the co-creative process of reimagining and rebuilding their agencies toward just and loving practice. Sometimes that destination is called “primary prevention.” We call it an “UnSystem.”

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As we have worked with leaders and leadership teams over the years, patterns have emerged, and phases became clear. Some work in the transformation process predicates other work, and we can now predict where you will see challenges in your change efforts and can therefore suggest ways to prepare.

Should you embark on this transformational journey, it will demand your leadership, innovation and grit, as well as a deep commitment to personal growth. Here we share the best of what we know and we’ll be in your corner the whole way through.

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Phase 1
You must prepare yourself, curate a team, and infuse hope and humility into your agency - are you ready?

Phase 2
Are individuals grounded, committed, vulnerable, and connected enough to do hard things together?

Phase 3
What happens when you see the world and your work differently...together?

Phase 4
What exciting, family-strengthening practice changes will your team co-create with the community?

Phase 5
Can you imagine what's possible once you and your team see the world differently...together?