Transforming child welfare systems so all children can live safely with their families


A child’s need for an uninterrupted sense of love and belonging
is necessary for healthy development, however our current
child welfare system was not built on this foundation.

It’s time to rebuild together.

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Bright Spots: recommended child welfare practice by impacted parents

The leaders and workers we partner with are always looking for approaches that work for families and understand that even the most well-intentioned programs can result in unintended consequences. When considering practice shifts, they ask themselves, “Is this what families want? Will this really work…for them?”

 There wasn’t a place for impacted parents to provide direct feedback on practice, nor was there a place for these emerging practices that work best for families to be highlighted. In response to this gap, Alia decided to create an online collection of innovative child welfare practice approaches reviewed and recommended by impacted parents, called Bright Spots.

Our goal is for Bright Spots to provide leaders in child welfare a trusted source of practices we know work for families.

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Our work & services

We partner with child welfare agencies across the U.S in short and long-term engagements to create sustainable, meaningful change.

Rock County Idea Book

Rock County Equity Project

We advance the Rock County Equity Project by convening and supporting stakeholders: system leaders, design facilitator, community members, and project funders. 

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Our resources

We've published a variety of materials, including case studies, a research brief, guides and more, along with a number of webinars and trainings.