Some “a-ha”s participants have reported in response to our work as well as some feedback on the work we’ve done:

  • The content is excellent and I will use it with my team this week.
  • I could only put “5” on the evaluation, but actually it’s a 10! Amazing! Thanks!
  • This was truly the best speaker I have heard in my 20 years being in the field. I needed to hear her message to keep doing my job. Thanks!
  • Where do I start? Everything – this was such an important message. Thank you. It was incredible. Thanks for awareness on so many levels.
  • Absolutely awesome and something every professional must know. Thank you!
  • Amelia’s knowledge and passion for the subject matter continue to inspire me.
  • This whole training was great and the instructor was well educated on the topic. I loved every minute of learning information that would help me in the future.
  • Overall, great information. Makes me want to implement change immediately.
  • This should be a mandatory training for ALL child welfare agencies and ANY provider, foster parent, guardian ad litem, etc., that wants to engage with our children.
  • The entire training was excellent and therapeutic. I truly enjoyed this training. It’s the best by far on permanency.
  • Thank you for educating me more and giving me the energy and incentive to make a difference!
  • I have been to trainings on similar material but the way it was presented really makes it hit home and stick.
  • I will take every opportunity to teach/preach/practice what I learned here today.
  • This was my 3rd time hearing Amelia, and each time the experience has been powerful!
  • Contagious passion for the work we do in caring for children and teens that we are honored to serve. An excellent reminder about what truly matters in working with children in out of home care.
  • Many of these ideas are helpful not just in working with children who have experienced trauma, but also dealing with interpersonal relationships/co-workers, family, significant others/partners, etc.
  • Amelia was a great presenter & really made me re-think how I view my job working with families.
  • I think this was a fantastic presentation and very important, functional details that we all need to consider for each of our own lives & jobs.
  • Trauma focus makes foster care so much easier. It’s a great reminder of what can happen when we use a trauma lens.
  • I realized I have some unresolved issues of my own and the training helped me recognize it. It makes me feel normal about the feelings I have occasionally that I thought made me weird.
  • We, as professionals, in the child welfare system, don’t want to openly share our most traumatic losses with strangers and repeat them over and over. But we expect foster children – or label them as defiant, non-compliant.
  • About twenty “aha” moments. Excellent! It will make me think more before removing kids from family, moving them to so many placements and will help me try to get kids out of care faster.
  • I realized how critical connections are for us and kids.
  • Amazing information, thank you! I love my job, but need to take better care of myself. Great eye opener.

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