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Capacity Building

Alia drives transformation in child welfare systems in part by building the capacity of agencies to advance the permanency, safety, and wellbeing of families and their pave the way for revolutionary work.

Alia is focused on working with early adopters and innovators in the field of child welfare to dramatically improve outcomes for families and youth.

We engage with organizations and systems in the following ways:

  • Keynote speaking engagements

  • Trainings and workshops

  • Topics include:


     Organizational Change

     Workforce Wellbeing

  • Long-term demonstration projects

     Workforce wellbeing

     Intensive permanence services

     Organizational disruption

We aim to create meaningful, sustainable change in our projects and understand as with any deep and lasting change, a consistent and committed effort is needed. Long-term demonstration projects can include any or all of the follow workshops (in-person or virtual), or micro-learnings (15-minute call-in mini training).

Long-term demonstration projects typically initiate with an in-depth Organizational Wellbeing Assessment which is a 2-4 day onsite evaluation including review of outcome data, 1-on-1 and small group interviews, anonymous online staff survey(s), and community inquiries.

A detailed proposal for ongoing engagement is provided upon completion of the organizational wellbeing assessment and includes an assessment summary, identified organizational goals, and recommendations for improving individual and organizational resilience and wellbeing. 

To hear more about Alia’s commitment to child welfare transformation and explore how we could work together, contact us for an initial meeting or onsite presentation.

Many of our current and former clients are willing to speak candidly with you offering insights into how we work. Let us know and we'll get you in touch with them.