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Alia’s mission is to inspire and drive transformative change for the people and systems entrusted with the welfare and care of children.

Our current system is designed to keep youth from physical harm. We now know that children cannot thrive without also healing the grief and loss that come after separation from a caregiver, and the wellbeing of caregivers has direct impact on this healing process.

And now that we know better, we must do better.
Our strategy is threefold:


    Create and Advance Knowledge

    Alia’s theory of change begins with sharing knowledge and creating a sense of urgency for systemic transformation. Alia uses emerging research, data, and knowledge gained through on-going projects to develop leadership and practice tools, strategies, and interventions to share with the field.


    Partner to Transform Systems

    As leaders and practitioners learn more, a sense of urgency to do better develops. By providing practical tools, technical assistance, and hands-on coaching through intensive demonstration.


    Engage and Drive Innovation

    Alia believes that true change will take all of us working together. Therefore, Alia serves as a national convener for thought leaders, innovators, and experts, bringing together bright spots and innovations in child welfare and other related and non-related fields to drive broad systemic change.



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